I received a piercing apprenticeship at a tattoo and body piercing studio called Altered Skin in 1997. It was right across the street from the school I graduated from that same year in Missoula, Montana. Shortly after I became a piercer I started my tattoo apprenticeship and began tattooing in 1999. After moving to Seattle in 2001, I stopped body piercing to focus in on tattooing. I worked at 3 amazing studios in Seattle before starting my own studio in 2009 called Damask Tattoo which I still own.

In 2015 I had the amazing opportunity to purchase Laughing Buddha Tattoo and Body Piercing and jumped at the offer. I’m so proud to be the owner of a 20-year-old studio! After tattooing for almost 17 years I decided to focus entirely on running the studios and put tattooing aside.

And then in 2018 I had yet another opportunity to purchase a studio and Sea City Tattoo and Body Piercing was born.

I absolutely thrive on creating beautiful, fun and fulfilling spaces for people to work at and get tattoos and body piercings.

All along the way I’ve seen so many aftercare lotions, balms, salves and goos and I always felt like no one was paying attention to the cleanliness of the product. It’s too easy to double dip or vacuum bacteria and dust into the bottle by simply using it. That’s what inspired me to develop a lotion for tattoos that has all natural ingredients, vegan so that anyone could use it and put it in an airless pump bottle to keep the product as clean as possible so that fresh tattoos stay as clean as possible. Bright was born! There are some other factors that I wanted and we’ve worked toward. A fragrance-free product that still smelled good and neutral. A lotion that absorbed all the way in and didn’t leave a greasy residue that dust and dirt could stick to. And something that helped the tattoo stay moisturized but not spongy.

We will continue to make Bright Lotion the best lotion you’ve ever used and will never stop improving. Thank you for your support!