Bright Tattoo Lotion is available now!

All-Natural, Vegan Friendly and Cruelty-Free.  Bright Tattoo Lotion helps to heal your tattoo faster and with continued use keeps colors looking bright.

Brighten Existing Tattoos!

Do you have tattoos that look dull until you moisturize them?  You’ll be surprised by what a difference Bright Tattoo Lotion makes!  Your existing tattoos will look good as new again.


Our tattoo lotion’s all natural ingredients are carefully selected to provide a clean, healthy healing experience, and may help to cut back on healing time. Faster, cleaner healing means fewer chances of seepage, ruining clothes and sheets. Continuing to use our lotion after your tattoo has healed makes colors look bright through eliminating cloudiness caused by dry skin. Using sunblock post-healing will also extend the life of your tattoo and increase times between touchups.

We’ve chosen an airless bottle to package our lotion in. Airless bottles are cleaner and safer for products that touch open wounds. They are designed specifically to prevent infectious microbes like bacteria and mold spores from getting into the bottle and contaminating our lotion. Other products use containers that suck up air, which includes these infectious microbes.

Gently apply Bright Tattoo Tattoo Lotion and allow to absorb completely before covering with fabric. Post-healing, apply sunscreen when your tattoo is exposed to sunlight for any prolonged time.

We’ve made our lotion Vegan Friendly by including no animal products or animal byproducts, and making sure all ingredients have cruelty-free sourcing. There are no parabens or petroleum, which means your skin will be able to breathe and heal naturally.VF, GF, Not tested on animals. BPA free and phthalate free. Made in the USA.